Configure the Thermal Conversion
System for Your Industrial Waste Needs

Carbon Black Global provides a complete, patented, and field-proven processing solution that processes and reduces waste, producing some usable end products and generates heat or electricity.

The Thermal Conversion system offers...

Low-Heat Thermal Processing

For up to 40% yield from all wood feedstock.


Batch processing of waste materials.


Simply designed with very few moving parts.

Low Cost

Low capital and operating costs.


Smooth operation for 25 years or more.

Modular, Flexible Configurations

The systems are engineered for flexibility. From initial planning and feedstock handling to batch processing, our engineers work with you to design a custom system for your unique requirements. We use the latest in computer-aided design methods to configure and build the systems that will transform your wood feedstock into activated carbon.

A Complete, Integrated Solution

A typical end-to-end system includes everything needed to produce activated carbon.

Autoclave Processing
Modules (APMs)

Each autoclave in our systems can process large volumes of wood or other feedstock in the programmed processing timeframe. The system can be configured to process the required volume of feedstock each day.

Control System

The integrated control system includes software and programmable logic controllers that manage feedstock processing. It offers remote monitoring and operation, as well as complete data logging and sharing options.

Collection System

The complete Thermal Conversion technology can be configured to operate on a compact footprint and scale to meet any processing requirement.

One application for our processing systems is to produce Activated Carbon from select feedstocks.

Get activated carbon products and systems that provide the ultimate purification solution for water, air, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and industrial pollutants.

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