Transform Waste for a Greener Tomorrow

Carbon Black Global (CBG) processing system was designed to thermally convert waste materials without sorting, shredding, or drying prior to processing. We process industrial waste, wood, tires, and municipal solid waste (MSW). The objective: reduce the volume of waste by 90% and greenhouse gases by 95%. The system is based on batch gasification in a low oxygen environment resulting in ultra-low emissions. Extensive research and development at our full-scale plant provides us with the opportunity to develop a targeted process for each customer.

Municipal Solid Waste

Transform up to 95% of MSW into carbon and ash residue and create clean synthetic gas that can be used to generate electricity. For more information, visit our Landaira Website.

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Industrial Waste

An alternative to taking industrial waste to a landfill or burning it as a fuel source is to process it with our system and reduce the volume by up to 90% and produce heat to use in your factory or to generate electricity.

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Steel remains from processed tires

The Processing System

works within a pressurized environment in an autoclave. The patented advanced Thermal Chemical Conversion of the materials reduces the volume, producing heat that is used for thermal oil heating, to fuel boilers and/or to generate electricity. The objective of the system is to reduce the volume of waste by 90% and greenhouse gases by 95%.

Operating Plant and Research Center located in Dunlap, Tennessee

Over the past ten years, CBG has focused on continuous improvement through robust research and development on both waste processing and system components, developing a long-term robust system for processing waste. The overall system design has very few moving parts, resulting in a low maintenance, easy to operate plant.

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