Part of the solution...

we design and sell systems that process waste and

biomass converting them to activated carbon and syngas.

CBG produces activated carbon which is used in many applications including refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, to fish aquariums, water filter systems and pitchers, to municipal water treatment facilities.

 Various feedstocks can be reduced to pure carbon and used in many company’s manufacturing processes as a raw material.  We can produce a very high quality activated carbon from waste materials or an engineered carbon per your specifications.

 CBG designs and sells full systems that are custom made to meet our client’s needs and will produce carbon and energy in the process.  That’s who we are.

 “We are part of the solution” to take materials that are currently waste and convert them to carbon and energy, it’s that simple.

CBG Activated Carbon Manufacturing Systems

Full systems design, manufacturing and installation for production of activated carbon.