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Advanced Thermal Chemical Conversion

Process your Industrial Waste converting it into usable end products and renewable energy

Carbon Black Global has developed its patented process over the past ten years. The system was designed to thermally degrade commercial industrial waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) without sorting, shredding, or drying prior to processing. The objective: reduce the volume of waste by 90% and greenhouse gases by 95%. The system is based on batch gasification in a low oxygen environment resulting in ultra-low emissions. Extensive research and development at our full-scale plant provides us with the opportunity to develop a targeted process for each customer.

Harness the Power of our Thermal Conversion Technology

How it Works

The molecular structure of hydrocarbons in waste is continuously broken down by combining low temperature heating in pressurized containers with controlled, low-volume air circulation to create a completely controlled conversion process.


Maintain Control

The patented system uses batch processing, downdraft air, pressure, and Autoclave Processing Modules (APMs) to create unprecedented control. Sensors monitor the process, and all controls are automatically adjusted to achieve complete thermal conversion of waste. The entire process is controlled from a control room.


Recognized by the USDA

The biochar residue from the conversion process is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for use as activated carbon. The products produced are USDA Bio-preferred.

One application for our processing systems is to produce Activated Carbon from select feedstocks.

Get activated carbon products and systems that provide the ultimate purification solution for water, air, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and industrial pollutants.

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