Who we are:

Our management team is diverse, highly motivated and experienced in the key elements to make CBG successful.


Michael Mentikov


34 years Construction Management

Mr. Mentikov has been heavily involved in marketing and promotion of the company since its formation in 2009.  His experience includes construction management, project management, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical capabilities.


Earl R. Decker

Principle - Patent Holder

26 years Management, Design/Engineering

Author and original developer of the system and patent.

Mr. Decker was trained in the fundamentals of heat treating in his family business.    This experience resulted in providing him skilled management practices.  Mr. Decker has also managed a business involving trenchless technology highlighting innovative robotic repairs of city infrastructures as well as having years of experience in the construction industry.


 Vincent Harkins

Chief Financial Officer

36  years Finance, General Management, Project Management

BBA Accounting James Madison University, Virginia.  Mr. Harkins has a thirty-two-year history of employment at ALCOA involved in managing global business units specializing in buildings and construction.  He was involved in several new start up business and offices globally.  He has been involved with Carbon Black Global since 2014. He manages the financial side of this business.


How we started:

2009 - The members of Carbon Black Global (CBG) were brought together in June of 2009.  During this time, the group worked together to build a waste to energy plant in under 43 days.  This process formed a bond between the inventors, engineers and construction management that is now Carbon Black Global LLC.  CBG has licensed the exclusive rights to market, manufacture and sell the patented system designed to turn waste to activated carbon and electricity.

Since that time, we have tested many forms of feedstock including hickory, oak, biomass, tires, MSW, coal and others.  We discovered the flexibility of our system and our commercial offer today was defined from many hours and trial runs and recording data allowing us to develop programmed processes and quality controls.


Mission Statement

Carbon Black Global’ s mission is to design and build sustainable waste to energy systems.  We accomplish this by looking at the system and its affects, interactions and economic impact it makes with the client, feedstock, and the environment.