Our system can process multiple waste streams, wet dry, no sorting, with the least amount of preprocessing. Load you waste stream into a canister and process, it’s that simple.


The downstream products are dependent upon the incoming feed stock and can range from carbon, activated carbon and syngas.

Our systems are developed to take advantage of the feedstock and customer needs, we can change the process times to meet the customer requirements.

Let us work with you to determine the best combination of process times and downstream value added products.

We can change an expense to a profit, let your waste become an asset.


What differentiates our system from all others?

System Overview


Carbon Black Global has designed and developed and patented a unique system that process feedstock into carbon, and syngas.

The process begins by loading your feed stock into a process canister.  The canister is loaded into the autoclave.  Once in the autoclave the system is remotely operated.  The system can be preprogramed for your particular feedstock.  Once the canister is load the process is initiated (press the green button).  The process then begins –the feedstock is ignited and the autoclave is brought to pressure and the cycle begins.  Sensors monitor the process and all controls are automatically adjusted to complete the process.  Once the process is ended the canister is unloaded from the autoclave and a new canister is loaded and the process continues.

Multiple autoclaves can be placed together to allow for a continuous process

Our system utilizes the advantages of downdraft gasification, pressure, in a batch autoclave to provide unprecedented control.  This allows us to go were others cannot. Processing multiple waste streams, in varying states of moisture.  We can process a load in 45 minutes or three hours.   What does that mean to you, we can deliver were and when you need. Combining our system with electrical generation, energy storage we can provide a secure, reliable, steady electrical generation to meet your needs



What types of feed stock have we processed?

Plastics  •   Cotton Stalks  •   Cotton Gin  •   Corn Stalks

Diapers  •   Rail Ties  •   Municipal Waste  •   Auto Fluff

Coal Tar  •   Tire beads  •   Tires  •   Pallets  •   Construction Debris

 Hard Woods  •   Soft Woods  •   Wood Chips




We analyze your feed stock and determine the best products for each of our customers


The main products from our system are;


Activated Carbon





Carbon products can be sold and or are used by the customer. The syngas is used to develop hot water, steam and or electricity.  The use is determined by the customer’s needs.